Landscape Design Ideas

A messy yard not only makes your property look bad, but it also has a negative impact on the value of your home. Your home may be nice, if your yard looks like a war zone, then your home’s value is greatly decreased. Most homeowners know this and want to do something about it. The next best step to take is to call a professional who does landscape design omaha. In the meantime, here are some landscape design ideas for you to consider.

Before you get down to specifics, start with the basics. Decide what type of design you want. Make a rough sketch of the design as you envision it. Determine where you want plants, shrubs and flowers. This does not have to be a perfect drawing. A professional omaha lawn care company can help you decide what type of greenery is best for the design you are wanting.


One of the most common trends in landscaping today is an all inclusive type of design. Most homeowners are choosing a combination of greenery, flowers, grass, fountains, ponds and rocks. There are many different types of each of these items. Some other people envision landscape items such as driftwood, ponds and sculptures of some sort. The choice really is yours. Envision what you want your dream yard to look like. Water features are one of the most popular additions to any professionally designed landscaping.

Anyone who decides it’s time to come up with a landscaping solution for their messy yard will usually want these things:


Those are the five main components of a successful landscape design.

A low maintenance design is also included in the most wanted category when it comes to having the perfect getaway spot right in your own yard. This can be done in several different ways. One very popular ground covering for your design are rocks. These can be pebbles, colored rocks or any type of rocks. Any of these are a great addition and are really the perfect cover for the ground.

If you want to incorporate some greenery in your landscape design, here are some examples of low maintenance plants you may want to consider.

Velvet Cloak Smoke Tree
Ribbon Grass
Burgundy Japanese Barberry
Firewitch Dianthus

Those are just a few examples of low maintenance plants that you would want to consider. You can get additional suggestions when speaking with the professional landscapers at landscaping companies omaha.

Designing and having your perfect landscape in your yard may require some help from specialists who do lawn care omaha. The landscaping companies omaha can help your design come alive that will turn your messy yard into the perfect outdoor space that you can enjoy!


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